Rector Office

The Rector is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute who is responsible for all its administrative and academic functions.

Registrar Office

The Registrar Office at CUI endeavors to be the hub for the Institute in providing excellent services through international standards and integration of new technologies...

Controller of Examination

Controller of Examinations (CoE) is one of the most important departments at CUI. The role of the CoE department, in view of its team,...

Directorate of P&D and HRD

The Directorate of Planning & Development & Human Resource Development have been entrusted with the responsibility of coordination with the campuses viz a viz...

Treasurer Office

To provide to the Rector, F&PC and BoG with required information on financial matters and to bring to the notice of the Rector any infringements of the provisions of CUI Ordinance, Statutes and Rules on financial matters and to ensure that the decision of the BoG, the Rector and / or other statutory authorities of the Institute as, communicated to him, are given proper effect...

Campus Directors

Currently, CUI has seven fully functional campuses which are managed by a team of Capable Campus Directors.

Deans of Faculties

CUI has five faculties working across its seven campuses. The brief information of faculties and their Deans is...

International Office

“To foster international collaborations for borderless learning, research and economic development whilst showcasing COMSATS excellence on a global platform”

HR Department

Secretarial support for meetings of Adhoc Selection Committees; Special Selection Committees; and Selection Board...


Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)


CUI has made unprecedented progress during the last ten years as an institution of higher education...

Office of Development

The Endowment Fund was established with the aim to make CUI self-sustainable and give it greater financial autonomy.

Faculty Development Academy

Faculty Development Academy


COMSATS Employees Housing Foundation (CEHF)

COMSIANS Foundation

An association named as “COMSIANS Foundation” was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in May 2009. The Foundation was conceived to work for the welfare of the employees, ex-employees of the “COMSATS Institute of Information Technology”


CUOnline is responsible to deliver IT services to the entire CUI system spread into various departments, offices and campuses