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Message by the Rector

I feel honored to lead the COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) as Rector and share with you my vision for CUI, which has always been an innovative institution of learning and development. Our focus in the coming years will be to transform CUI to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing technological environment as well as societal needs through the best affordable academic programs at par with leading global standards, within Pakistan. In short, we envision making CUI "the University of Choice" in Pakistan and across Asia. Although an ambitious vision, but I believe that the talent, skill and experience available at CUI will enable us to achieve success with dedication and hard work.

In the years to come, we will extend out-reach of CUI by adding new campuses capable of catering to the high-quality education needs of a larger canvas of aspiring students and researchers. In this regard, we will also encourage public-private partnerships which will pave the way forward and yield impactful results.

We are committed to making all out efforts to play our due role in minimizing the adverse effects of the global Coronavirus pandemic and bring to the forefront new technologies and pedagogies to achieve our goals.

I would like to assure the parents of our students that CUI will take all possible steps to ensure the safety and well being of your children enrolled at our campuses. We are also deeply committed to inculcate in our graduates the essential skills and professional talent that helps them to meet the needs of the fourth industrial revolution as well as impart industry and market relevant education.

I invite you to explore our website and visit our campuses and interact with our students and faculty members, to find out what distinguishes CUI from other leading universities. I am sure you will be overwhelmed by the achievements, faculty and infrastructure of CUI and give us your valuable feedback which will help us build true professionals and global leaders in thinking.

In conclusion, please join us on our exciting journey into realizing your highest potential; becoming academic leaders in Pakistan and Asia and helping our beloved country by providing impetus to the biggest driver of growth i.e. human resource development.

I pray to Almighty Allah for assistance in our future endeavours and look forward to glorious achievements in the times to come.



Rector's Office

Rector Office Functions

By virtue of the COMSATS University Islamabad Act 2018, the Rector is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is responsible for all the administrative and academic functions of the University and for ensuring that the provisions of the Act, Statutes, Regulations and Rules are faithfully observed in order to promote the general efficiency and good order of the university. The Rector has all the powers prescribed for this purpose, including administrative control over the officers, teachers and other employees of the University. The Rector is entitled to attend any meeting of any authority or body of the University.


Prof. Dr. Sajid Qamar





General Manager




Staff Officer




Personal Secretary to the Rector


  • The Rector can direct teachers, officers and other employees of the Institute to take up such assignments in connection with teaching, research examination, administration and such other activities in the institute, as he may consider necessary for the purposes of the institute.
  • The Rector can sanction budgeted amounts for the specified purposes.
  • The Rector can re-appropriate budgetary amounts for unforeseen items not provided for in the budget.
  • The Rector can make appointments of such categories of employees of the Institute and in such manner as may be prescribed by Statutes.
  • The Rector can suspend, punish and remove, in accordance with prescribed procedure, from service officers, teachers and other employees of the Institute.
  • The Rector can delegate, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, any of his powers to an officer or officers of the Institute.
  • The Rector can exercise and perform such other powers and functions, as may be prescribed including powers and functions incidental or ancillary to the powers and functions specified here.

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