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Islamabad Campus


Name: Mr. Rizwan Ahmed
Designation: In-Charge Admissions
Email: rizwan_ahmed@comsats.edu.pk
Phone: (92-51) 9049 5032-5


Name: Mr. M. Ali Chaudhary
Designation: Deputy Registrar (Undergraduate)
Email: alich@comsats.edu.pk
Phone:(92-51) 9049 5215


Name: Mr. Khawaja Noman Tariq
Designation: Deputy Registrar (Graduate)
Email: noman_tariq@comsats.edu.pk
Phone:(92-51) 9049 5153

4.Student Affairs

Name: Ms. Madiha Sayed
Designation: Manager / Incharge Student Affairs Section
Email: madiha_sayed@comsats.edu.pk
Phone: (92-51) 9049 5369

5.Human Resource

Name: Mr. Qazi Ammar Zia ud Din
Designation: Deputy Registrar / Incharge HR
Email: qaziammar@comsats.edu.pk
Phone:(92-51) 9247000-3

Abbottabad Campus

1.Mr. Syed Ibrahim Ahmad

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: syedibrahim@cuiatd.edu.pk
Phone: 0992-383591-6
Fax: 0992-383441

2.Dr. Faisal Rehman

Designation: Incharge Student Affairs
Email: studentaffairs@cuiatd.edu.pk
Phone: 0992-383591-6, 0346-6111189
Fax: 0992-383441

3.Ms. Zainab Irshad

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: zainabirshad@cuiatd.edu.pk
Phone: 0992-383591-6
Fax: 0992-383441

Wah Campus

1.Mr. Jawwad Ahmad

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: jahmad@ciitwah.edu.pk
Phone: 051-9272614-5
Fax: 051-4546850

2.Dr. Akmal Javaid

Designation: Senior Manager (Student Affairs) / OIC Admission
Email: akmal@ciitwah.edu.pk
Phone: 051-9314482-3 Ext: 228 & 051-9314484

Lahore Campus

1.Mr. Rashid Ahmad Khan

Designation: Additional Registrar
Email: rakhan@cuilahore.edu.pk
Phone: 042-111-001-007
Fax: 042-99203100

2.Mr. Tasawwar Hussain

Designation: Senior Manager / Incharge SSC
Email: thussain@cuilahore.edu.pk
Phone: 042-111-001-007, 042-111-001-007,
Ext:830, 831, 84

Attock Campus

1.Mr. Laeeq Mushtaq

Designation: Deputy Librarian
Email: dl@cuiatk.edu.pk
Phone: 057-9316330-1
Fax: 057-9316329

2.Mr. M. Javed

Designation: Incharge (Admissions)
Email: ic_admissions@cuiatk.edu.pk
Phone: 057-9049159

Sahiwal Campus

1.Mr. Rana Adeel Abad

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: adeel@cuisahiwal.edu.pk
Phone: 040-9200100, 4305001-5
Fax: 040-4305006

2.Mr. Safdar Ali

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: safdar@cuisahiwal.edu.pk
Phone: 040-4305006
Fax: 040-4305006

Vehari Campus

1.Mr. Yasir Ikram

Designation: Deputy Registrar
Email: yasirikram@ciitvehari.edu.pk
Phone: 067-3001606

2.Mr. Fakhar Hussain

Email: admissions@ciitvehari.edu.pk, fakhar@ciitvehari.edu.pk
Phone: 067-3001606, 067-3602805

Virtual Campus

1.Mr. Ch. Muhammad Irfan

Designation: Deputy Registrar (Academics / Student Affairs)
Email: tarar@vcomsats.edu.pk
Phone: 051-90495914

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